Fivefold Goddess on This Week in Heresy – Gina Pond interviews Lasara Firefox Allen

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An excellent time was had! Gina is a great host, and while you don’t get to hear our prep chat – which was also awesome – you get nearly a full hour of convo between two powerful, Witchy, feminist priestexe.

The conversation shifts to the Fivefold Goddess at 13 minutes. At 23 minutes we hit the heart of it.

At 49 minutes, we hit the moment where I deliver the new title, Jailbreaking the Goddess, without even knowing it would actually BE the new title!

At 50:15 we talk about what the Fivefold Goddess course would have been. This information is no longer accurate! We have moved from weeks to MONTHS, and have converted a six week process to a six month process. More details here! Please join us for this in-depth, six month, deep initiation process.

Register for the Fivefold Goddess Initiation Cycle HERE!

Join us.

The Fivefold Goddess – Six Month Initiation Cycle


The Fivefold Goddess: An Initiation into a New Vision of the Divine Feminine A six-month, web-based course and initiation cycle Begins October 14! Register here. This six-month, web-based course is accessible from ANYWHERE. ALL GENDERS WELCOME In this six-month initiation cycle you will be introduced to five archetypal faces of the feminal divine, have opportunities […]

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