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Are you ready to invite rapid and lasting change into your life?

Doorway to Light

Coaching allows you to define and reach your personal goals, accelerate your growth, and achieve deep healing, and move toward the life you most desire. Wherever you choose to focus your coaching sessions, this work will impact your life globally, rapidly, and with powerful, positive, and lasting results.

“Lasara has developed powerful techniques for helping others to create new positive frameworks of thought. Her techniques are accessible and they work. I know that so many would benefit greatly from her teachings. She’s masterful.”
– Bridget C. McBride, Montessori teacher, artist, and mother of two

“Changing the focus of my career was super scary, and something I had to just jump into. I jumped into the wild blue of changing, and was delighted to be caught by Lasara’s net. I have made such wild progress–beyond what I imagined. Quick new ways of thinking about things–like; this isn’t hard, I can just DO this!”
- Ariel Gore,, author of the bestseller, Bluebird: Women and the New Psychology of Happiness

My coaching services are designed to help you move forward. NLP is an excellent resource set that allows forward momentum without the need for retraumatization or dwelling on old stories. Trance work, intuitive practices, and deep embodiment and empathy practices allow you to find your path into empowerment, using the tools you have already developed, while also assisting you in resourcing new techniques for personal transformation.

I’m a seasoned coach with a great track record and excellent references. My coaching services are phone-based, so location and distance are not an issue. My coaching clients are hand-picked, and I only work with four one-on-one, on-going coaching contracts at any one time. This allows me to give you my complete attention.

For more information, contact me now at, or read more below.

“Lasara is patient and insightful. I did a kick-start session with her that helped me clarify some of my hopes and fears, and move forward into manifesting solid results.”
- T. Thorn Coyle author of Evolutionary Witchcraft and Kissing the Limitless

“LaSara is a master! I had gotten bogged down in day-to-day tasks and e-mails, losing sight of my vision and becoming disillusioned with everything I was doing. In just one short session with LaSara, I began to feel excited about my work and my life again. LaSara is extremely skilled – working with her has the potential to change your life.”
- PJ Van Hulle, Real Estate Investor

Areas you may want to seek coaching in:

Work and Career:

  • embarking on or shifting your career path
  • changing careers
  • personal business values and integrity
  • alignment with your true, soul purpose

Mindful Relationships:

  • loving partnerships, friendships and connections
  • finding the relationship(s) you want
  • maintaining passion and love in long term, committed relationships
  • personal and shared relationship values alignment
  • marriages, values, and marriage preparation
  • self as primary partner
  • conscious parenting
  • family alignment
  • skills for community building

Life Direction:

  • turning points
  • alignment with personal values
  • Health and Wellness (see below for more info)

Health and Well-Being

  • living with, and transforming, chronic pain
  • mental health and wellness
    • accepting your diagnosis (or that of a loved one)
    • learning to live with awareness of strengths and vulnerabilities
    • living gracefully within your spectrum of the possible
  • physical health
  • spiritual health (see more below)


  • entering into and committing to your spiritual inquiry
  • spiritual contemplation and alignment
  • learning to listen for and hear the divine in your life
  • inquiring into the role that faith and spiritual dedication may play in informing your path
  • the role of meditation, contemplation, and prayer in your spiritual practice

My Coaching Certifications:

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP):

  • NLP Trainer Certification, NLP International – Richard Bandler and John LaValle, 2007
  • NLP Master Practitioner Certification, Hawk Ridge Institute – Phil Farber, 2006
  • NLP Practitioner Certification, The NLP Institute of California – TIm Hallbom, 2003


  • Reiki I Certification, Terrie Wolfe-Lee, 2008

Other modalities and influences drawn upon include:

  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • trance work
  • meditation techniques
  • embodiment, breath, and presence practices
  • ritual and ceremony

Contact me at, and we’ll set up a session.

Rates and Coaching Options:

I have currently have openings for three, three-week, individual, personally tailored coaching and mentoring programs. I’m available for single-session commitments as well. Single sessions are a sliding scale of $75 – $130 for an hour session – pay according to your ability. Three-session packages are $180 – $300 – again, please pay according to your ability. Multiple-session packages include between-session action steps designed specifically for you that will help you ground your growth in your day-to-day life. Multiple-session packages also include between-sessions email support.

If you want to commit to a more long-term coaching relationship, contact me to discuss your options. I appreciate the opportunity to work with you over a number of months. The potential for massive shift and accelerated growth is amazing when you put yourself in a place of solid commitment to your growth.

I also offer coaching and personalized retreats for individuals, couples, families and groups. In this option interests you, please inquire about availability.

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