The Question Box and The Flesh Colored Crayon

July 16, 2013 in Articles

Once upon a time there was a beautiful little girl. Her skin was the color of dark mocha. Her hair was joyfully bouncy, and curled like baby grapevines do. It was as black as darkest night. Her teeth glistened white and her lips were full. Her smile shone like light breaking through clouds.

One day the beautiful little girl was coloring with crayons. She colored the sky “B…L…U…E.”, reading the color and drawing the sky. She drew a peach tree and colored the leaves on it “G…R…E…E…N. “ She picked up a crayon to color the peaches. “F…L…E…S…H,” was what that crayon said.

“Momma,” the girl asked, “what does FLESH mean?” Her momma said, “It means skin, my baby. Why do you ask?”

The beautiful little girl answered with another question; “Why does this crayon say flesh then? My skin is like chocolate, not like peaches.”

The girl’s momma – whose skin was dark as dusk – didn’t cry, though she wanted to. Instead, she gently picked up the crayon, and said, “That’s a question for later, dearest one.”

The girl’s momma took a box from a cabinet and put the “flesh” colored crayon into it. “This is your question box.” the girl’s momma said, “When you have a question I’m not ready to answer, we’ll save it for later in here.”

The little girl took the box and drew on it. She loved her question box, and guarded it like a box of treasures. After all, it was a box of treasures. The box was filled with the girl’s deepest curiosities.

Over the years the girl grew, and she put questions of all sorts in the box. Sometimes they were in the form of objects, like the crayon, sometimes drawings, and later it was written notes. She and her mother would take the questions out one by one, and her mother would answer the ones she felt ready to.

It was a long time before the girl’s momma was ready to answer the question about the flesh colored crayon. But answer she did. She told her daughter a story about her ancestors, and about the world. The momma told her daughter about dark and night and the unknown. She told her about fairness and what’s right.

And the girl’s momma gave her a gift. Though the beautiful girl was no longer little, and didn’t really color with crayons anymore, her momma handed her a crayon that was the same color as the one from years before. The crayon said, “P…E…A…C…H.”

The daughter and the momma both smiled. In that moment they knew for certain that there was a right time for every question, and a right time for every answer.


How to Make A Question Box

Honoring Your Child’s Questions with Answers
Sometimes the most honest answer is “That’s not a question I’m ready to answer.” If that’s the case, follow up appropriately. Let your child know when you would be willing to revisit the topic – whether it’s in a couple of days, or when your kid is in the fifth grade, or when she or he is 13, or when you’ve sorted your thoughts and feelings out. Always be responsible and proactive with the follow-up.

How to Make Your Question Box

Having your own question box makes it easy to keep track of the questions you’re not ready to answer. A question box offers a structure that will honor your child’s question and your boundaries and comfort zones at the same time.

You will need:

1. A box. You can easily recycle one that’s the size you want, or you can use a sturdy, craft-ready wooden box from your local craft store. The box should be small enough to fit on a counter or desk, and large enough to hold items your wee one has questions about.

2. Paints, collage items (glue, scissors, etc), or drawing implements. Optional: sequins, bedazzlements, glitter, other fun stuff.

Once you’ve chosen a box, decorate it with your kid(s). Paint, collage, or draw on it. Get as fun and fancy as you like! Make your question box easy to open and close.

How to Use Your Question Box
When a question comes up that you’re not ready to answer, choose an item that will serve as a conversation-starter on the topic at a later date. This can be a piece of paper with the topic written on it, or an item that is symbolic of the topic.

Decide on a time when you will review the items in the box and answer the questions, or at least revisit them.

This piece is supplemental to an article called Seven Steps to Healthy Communication with Your Kids, also by Lasara Firefox Allen. Find this article and many others at

Seven Steps to Healthy Communication with Your Kids

July 16, 2013 in Articles

lasara and girlsAs conscious parents working to create a better world, we know that the work – and joy – of it begins at home. Here are seven steps that offer you a foundation for clear and healthy communication with your most precious focus; your children.

1. Honor your kid’s questions with answers.

If your child is mature enough to formulate a question on a given topic, she is mature enough to get an honest answer from you. That answer should always be age appropriate, and within your comfort zone.

Sometimes an honest answer is “I don’t know,” or “That’s not a question I’m ready to answer.” If either of those are the case, follow up appropriately.

If you don’t know, you can always make it a research project for you and your kid to engage in together.

If you don’t feel comfortable answering a question because it gets into territory you feel conflicted about, own your boundary around it (see step 4), and let your child know when you would be willing to revisit the topic – whether it’s in a couple of days, or when your kid is in the fifth grade, or when you’ve sorted your stuff out. Always be responsible and proactive with the follow-up.

Bonus idea: Click here for directions on creating a “Question Box.”

2. Own your feelings.

Don’t make your discomfort your kid’s “fault.” If the question he has asked makes your hair stand on end and your face flush, know that your embarrassment, your discomfort, or your anger.

A danger inherent in parent-child communication is that your kid will take on your shame, your discomfort, or your unease. Or, in cases where a kid is a “mismatcher”, they may act out in opposition to your stance. If you don’t want your kids blindly falling into – or acting out in response to – your wounding, patterning, imprinting or behaviors, own your internal conflicts.

3. What isn’t said speaks more loudly than what IS.

Ignore it and it’ll go away? Not a chance. But sooner or later, your kid(s) will – especially if you’re unable to answer the questions brought to you. Sex, drugs, money; they’re all topics that may have been avoided in your family of origin. But do you want your kids getting answers from the same unreliable sources you did? (On the schoolyard, TV, your parents, the government?)

The conspicuous silences in your communication are an OUT LOUD statement – about what’s inappropriate, shameful, unmentionable. If you want your kids getting different messages than what you were handed, make sure you’re giving voice to your opinions.

Normalize the topics that make you want to freeze up. Talk with your friends, talk with your trusted advisors (your coach, your priest, your therapist, your doctor), talk with your parents, talk with your peers. Know that there’s a whole world of information out there. If you feel conflicted about your own ideas, educate yourself about different views.

If money was a hidden topic in your family and you feel that hasn’t served you in your quest for financial literacy, give your kids a head start by bringing them into alignment with your financial values.

If you want your kids to know that sex is a good thing to have clarity about, model it by having values-based conversations with your kids about how to define their own sexual values.

With your nonjudgmental guidance and conscientious modeling, this process can begin consciously before your kids are even bringing direct question to you for answers.

Bonus Idea: Use my Sexual Ethics questionnaire for a tool that will help you find a starting place for these discussions.

4. Own your boundaries.

We all need appropriate boundaries. Modeling boundaries is, in my opinion, one of the most resourceful gifts you can offer your kids. One of the best way to offer boundary awareness to your kids is to model healthy boundaries in your interactions with them.

This means that you have not only the right, but the responsibility to say “stop!” when your wee one is hurting you, to close the door when you need a minute to yourself, to go for a run on a daily basis – no matter how needy others might be feeling.

Your healthy boundary also makes a clear distinction, and allows you to own your limitations or discomfort. In the course of a conversation or other interaction with your kids, you are bound to occasionally come up against the edges of your comfort zone. In these moments, it creates clarity to own your boundary, and make it clear that any discomfort you feel is due to your own process, and not something that your young-one is doing wrong.

5. Respect your child’s boundaries.

Healthy boundaries go both ways. Another element of boundary in parenting that is all-too-often overlooked is this one; if you want your kids to know that their boundaries are to be respected, you must respect your kid’s “no.”

This can be tricky, but it must be worked out.

For example, sharing is a great value to instill. However, I know how I’d feel if someone came into my office and said “You aren’t using your cell phone right now. Let Joe use it.” My response would be along the lines of “Well, I don’t lend out my cell phone, but Joe is welcome to use the house phone.”

Yet, often parents will enforce sharing to such a degree that it can erode a kid’s sense of control. Negotiate with your young-one. Create agreed upon rules about sharing, such as designating certain items as “special” ones that they will never be asked to share.

With touch-related boundaries, it may be the most important to respect our kid’s voice. If little Aaron doesn’t like being grabbed and kissed by Aunt Joan, or tickled by his cousins, help him to voice his boundary.

Helping to set a boundary with Aunt Joan may be an uncomfortable moment, but everyone is sure to learn something in it, and Aaron is going to know that he never has to be touched in a way that’s not comfortable for him in order to make someone else feel better.

If we want our kids to have the power of knowing that boundaries are to be respected, we need to both model firm boundaries for ourselves and our kids, and respect our children when they place a boundary that is reasonable.

6. Respectful, loving touch fosters connection! Stay embodied.

Kids listen better when they feel safe. (We all do.) They also communicate better when they know you aren’t mad at them. (We all do.) Creating appropriate, loving connection through physical touch can help both parties stay present in an interaction.

There are many different modes for communication. Different types and levels of physical engagement are appropriate to different settings.

If your child enjoys horsing around, sometimes breaking the tension with a little tickling, wrestling or clowning around is totally appropriate. Or, sometimes massaging your kid’s neck while you chat might be just the right thing.

If your little one is feeling sad, ask if he wants a hug. If your child is feeling tender or vulnerable, it can be great to offer to just hold your kid while he cries. If that’s too much, or not desired, you can offer your hand for holding.

Most importantly, pay attention to your child’s physiological responses, and respond accordingly. If your kid prefers sitting side-to-side instead of face-to-face, talk while sitting on the couch.

One of my daughters loves to have sit-down meetings with her parents. She’s the younger kid, and loves all the attention being on her for the time that we give it. My older daughter, on the other hand, prefers a casual chat while in the car, out on a walk, or her favorite – while shopping.

The point is, every kid is different, with different needs, comfort levels, and desires regarding touch, embodiment and process. Pay attention to what makes your kid more comfortable, and communication will get easier.

Another way to stay embodied is to remember to breathe. If things get stressful, consciously choose to relax your body. Breath into the moment, and you will be more likely to respond the moment that is occurring, rather than reacting to how your dad responded when you brought up the same issue, and you were in the seat that your son is in.

There are two benefits to this practice; the first is that you will be more relaxed, which is a positive thing in and of itself. The second is that your child’s body will respond to your relaxation by matching it.

Whiling remaining conscious and respectful of boundary, connect with your kids on a physical level while you communicate with them. And, stay engaged with your own physiological center.

7. The model is the message.

“Do what I say, not what I do,” doesn’t work. Your kids believe you. They watch you. They look up to you. They learn from you. And, actions speak so much louder than words.

When my clients say demoralizing things about themselves, my standard response is “How would you feel if your kid did (or said, felt or thought) that? Because, she’s going to.” Your kids will, consciously or unconsciously, emulate your modeling.

In this way, self-care is taking care of your children. Your ability to take care of yourself is one of the best foundational messages you can offer your kids. If you don’t want your kids to smoke, quit smoking. If you are having a hard time quitting, talk with your kids about it.

When you make a commitment to shifting a pattern of your own behavior, you can also enroll your kid’s support. This is another opportunity to model resilient skills for your kids. Ask for the help and support you need. Explain why shifting the pattern is hard for you. Use it as an opportunity to educate your kids on good choice-making, using yourself as an example.

Transparency and integrity are areas that you may also choose to model. “I only smoke when I’m away from my kids,” may seem like a good way to limit the damage, but how would you feel if your kid said “Well, I only smoke when I’m away from you.”

When you tell your kids not to get in the car with anyone who’s drinking, and then drive them home from a party after you’ve had a beer, you’re sending a mixed message. It’s confusing, and builds in not only the space for justification in the particular (well, Jo isn’t drunk, so I guess it’s okay to get a ride with her…), but also the room for justification in other areas.

Do you obfuscate? Do you outright lie to your kids? If so, you are ultimately undermining your own authority. How do you think your kids will feel when they find out that you did inhale? If you lie to your kids, or if your behaviors and your words don’t match up, you are giving your kids a template for behaving in the same way. If you value transparency and honesty, model it.

Are you being a resourceful and integrated model for your kids? Here’s a good guideline; ask yourself, ‘If my kid were engaging in the behavior I’m engaging in, how would I feel about it?”

Bonus idea: Create a family charter of agreements.

Sustainable Family Values – How Values Grow.

You are always modeling your values. The tricky part is that we often have two sets of values – idealized values (the values we like to think we have) and applied values (the values we actually live by). If what you think you believe, and how you act in your day to day don’t match up, you’re out of alignment with your ideal values.

You can shift your values into alignment by changing your behaviors to match up with your beliefs. The steps I have offered in this article offer a great starting point for the work of coming into alignment.

The more consciously you engage with living your values, the more aligned your modeling will be with your ideal life. This is a true win/win situation; as you model the behavior that you would most want to see your children emulate, you begin living the best possible version of your life.

Bonus Idea: Define your family’s shared values.

meditating on vulnerability

July 16, 2013 in Articles

heartthere is a medicine
to staying open
feeling the pain
and staying present anyway


heart aching
body cries out to clench down
closing seems safer

but over years and miles and trails of tears
I have learned
closing down carries its own price

the light that hits my
darkest places
i’m struck dumb
sit reeling
this is what

I pray the prayer of
I am safe, I am whole, I am safe, I am broken, I am safe, I am open, I am safe
I am safe
the central practice

healing into the center
i attempt to
expand the edges of this timid core
of courage

I push my fingers into my midline
hit the spine
pull fingers out to the
of ribs

protection hasn’t served
maybe exposure
of the vulnerable spots

i practice
I am safe. I am open. I am broken. I am whole.

this is a prayer.

Use the Potential of This Time to Create Change in Your Life!

July 15, 2013 in Latest News!

healing_water_slideThis week is an excellent time for healing deep wounds. Grand Water Trine with Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces. Feeling healing. Rebirth. Nurturance of loving relationships. Opening up and releasing of the deep, dark, chthonic parts of our psyches – sex and death and power. Deep emotion.

I am ready and willing to help with the move forward in integration. If you want to schedule a tarot reading and/or coaching session during this potent time, I have only a couple time slots available.

Drop me a note now, and get ready to move into a deeply healing space.

Honored to be of service. All love.

((( ♥ )))

Dilemmas of a Householder: Love is Presence

July 8, 2013 in Articles

flaming-heart-javier-250x352There was a time in my life where I so strongly desired to be in perfect Presence all the time that my desire for Presence became the greatest pain I had ever felt.

I sought ego death; annihilation of self into Self, the surrender of “I” into that which is greater than all Its parts combined.

The desire to merge with the supreme and eternal – whether you call It God, Brahman, Allah, nirvana, liberation, or any of the other words we might use to describe the ineffable – became unbearable. I was being driven mad by it. Separation from Itness (God, Krishna, Nirvana, Allah…) was agony. I desired always to surrender myself to this deeper home.

Hari, hear my plea.
Dark One, I am
your servant,
a vision of you has driven me mad.
Separation eats at my limbs.
Because of you
I’ll become a yogini and ramble
from city to city scouring the hidden quarters -
pasted with ash, clad in a deerskin
my body wasting
to cinder.
I’ll circle from forest to forest
wretched and howling -
O Unborn, Indestructible,
come to your beggar!
Finish her pain and touch her
with pleasure!
This coming and going will end,
says Mira,
with me clasping your
feet forever.


I found myself struggling with the life choices I had made. “If only I were a sadhu,” I thought, “then I could give myself over, cease the thinking, the planning. I could give myself fully to Presence. I could constantly allow for the sweet surrender that is the greatest Union.”

But that choice, the path of the sadhu, the path of austerity, was not the choice I had made in building my life. I had two children to attend to. A husband. A career. I had deadlines to keep, money to make, children to care for, to love and support. The path of the householder.

For months the ache of longing and the confusion caused by my desire for Presence was like a sword stuck through my heart. The pain of separation was searing; almost unbearable.

But I had already made my choices about how I was going to spend my life; once a mother, always a mother. I could have left my career, I could have left my home, I could have left my husband. (As a matter of fact, the leaving of my now-ex-husband was already in the works.)

But I could never leave my children. The suffering caused would be too great.

And my love for them, I am almost guilty to admit, felt like a loadstone around my neck, heavy as an anchor, yet pointing in the only direction I could go; nowhere.

Finally I began asking, “What is Presence? How can I be committed to relationship with others, and Present in The Eternal at the same time? How do I stay Present in love?”

The question rolled around my mouth in wordless curls. It ricocheted through my mind. It bounced and bounded, banged against the edges of my self.

After weeks of weighty rumination, after hours of sitting on my zafu, after what felt like gallons of tears, and after surrendering fully to the burning pain of separation, I broke through the koan that had formed itself inside of me. In a moment of realization, the answer arrived, fully formed and lotus-like.

The question became the answer; “how can I be present in love” became, “love is Presence.” Love is not attachment. Attachment is not love.

Attachments are the causes of dukkha – often translated as suffering, though in my opinion this is a limiting interpretation of the term.

According to Tantra Yoga, these attachments are called kankucas, or “becloudings”. According to Georg Feuerstein, the kankucas can be translated as partiality, knowledge, attachment, time, necessity. Partiality, because we cease to allow for fullness of being. Knowledge, because we cease to allow for growth. Attachment, because it clouds possibility of outcome. Time, because it limits consciousness of the eternal. Necessity, because it limits us.

In Buddhist terminology, the attachments are called skandhas. The skandhas are form, sensation, perception, impulses, and consciousness.

Of these attachments, form is the strongest (and the easiest to encapsulate), because

1., form leads to the illusion of separation from the formless, and

2., because form is transitory, and attachment to form as self leads to dukkha.

The skandhas are the aggregates that form a sense of self, and are the causes of clinging.

All of the skandhas, or parts of the sense of self-as-form are the causes dukkha.

My attachment to what I considered the “perfect” form of Presence, was, at that time, causing my own suffering.

These are obstacles to liberation; the illusion of separation, and the expectations, desires, and responsibilities that we so often mistake as love and commitment.

As a householder, the desire for subsumption into the nondual must merge with the path of devotion, which is often a dualist form of worship. Moment to moment, we dance between mergence and devotion.

Loving in Presence is showing up to my relationship with my children, my husband, and my responsibilities in life in the fullness with which I show up to my relationship with the Divine.

How do we stay present in love? How do we stay Present in abiding relationships with mortal beings? By releasing the illusion of separation, moment to moment.

And when we find ourselves in separation, we stay Present by devoting ourselves to those we serve as if they were God Itself.

Because, after all, they are.

Making an Ally of Fear: An Embracing the Red Queen workshop – Willits, CA

July 4, 2013 in Latest News!

heartbreakAugust 20, 6 PM, Willits, CA. Register for address.

“Where there’s fear, there is power.”
–Starhawk, Reclaiming Traditions founder, author of The Spiral Dance
Beneath your fears lay a charged current of potential. The words of many teachers point the way to liberation and empowerment through facing fear.

How do you make fear an ally? Name it. Address the hidden request that lies beneath. Learn from it.

Freed from the chains of your fight, freeze, or flee response, you will claim the new territory you uncover.

In this workshop you will have the opportunity to dialogue with others, and learn tools for transforming fear to an opportunity for self-knowledge. You will also explore the idea of trusting your fear, and work on integrating the awareness of body-mind communication.

Delve into your fears and retrieve your Whole Self. Face down your demons, and return home whole.

This event sponsored by the Embracing the Red Queen: Women, Competition, Cooperation, and Co-Creation Autumnal Retreat

Two Seats, $10 off!

Lasara Firefox Allen is an internationally published, best-selling author. She has offered workshops on topics from Mysticism, to relationships and intimacy, to sexuality, and has an active coaching practice. She regularly offers workshops at festivals and other events on the west coast, and workshops and retreats in the northern California region.

Married to the love of her life, Robert Allen, and mother to two amazing daughters, Lasara and her family live in the wilds of northern California, and surround themselves with a community of loving, like-minded souls. See more at SEE WWW.EMBRACINGTHEREDQUEEN.COM for info on women’s retreat.

July New Moon WOMANifstation Magick – WILLITS – July 8

July 4, 2013 in Latest News!

ImageJ=1.43uJuly 8, 6PM, Brooktrails, Willits

Come together with a circle of your sisters this new moon, and dance with the phases of the moon to create and enhance generative potential in your life. We’ll play with some WOMANifestation techniques, and set magickal manifestation intentions for the coming month in a sacred, activated, magickal container.

For a small additional fee, you will receive a money magick kit, along with instructions for your own continued practice, in addition to workshop fun and games.

Add $5 for your own Money Magick kit.


August New Moon WOMANifstation Magick – WILLITS – Aug. 6

July 4, 2013 in Latest News!

ImageJ=1.43uAugust 6, 6 PM, Brooktrails, Willits. Address and directions upon registration.

Come together with a circle of your sisters this new moon, and play with some WOMANifestation techniques. :) We will set magickal manifestation intentions for the coming month in a sacred, activated, magickal container.

Gathering at 6. Circle begins at 6:30. Please be prompt for circle. Brief hang out and socialize sesh after circle.

Finger food welcome, as well as drinks for after circle if desired.

Add $5 for your own Money Magick kit. Paypal payment to so I can have your Money Magick kit ready, and get directions to you if you have not yet been to my home.



Telling the Truth About Our Relationships as Women – an Embracing the Red Queen workshop for women – WILLITS

July 4, 2013 in Latest News!

shameAugust 1, 6:30PM, Brooktrails, Willits. Exact address upon registration.

As a woman, what truth have you been afraid to share with the community of women? Is it a truth that you are afraid of sharing your full brilliance in the company of other women? Or that you feel confused by the ways we are expected to interact? Or that you love women deeply, yet are carrying wounds?

Is it your truth that you only feel safe in the company of women? Or that you feel a desire to explore more deeply into the possible depth of the love shared by women? Or that you feel desire and repulsion at the same time?

Are you afraid of women? Have you had your trust broken by your sisters-of-your-heart? Have you felt judged for your actions or presentation of self?

Or have you, intentionally or unintentionally, caused harm to another woman?

Where have you closed yourself down out of fear of being judged? Where have you shamed others into silence? Where have you disallowed yourself full expression? Where have you in turn made others feel small?

What is your truth in relationship with women?

This is deep working we are embarking upon. We are uncovering the truth of our foundational relationships to our own experience of the feminine. In vulnerability, I invite you to walk into this circle of sisters emotionally naked, allowing the speaking of words you have help back for years – perhaps even lifetimes – to open the portal to healing within yourself, and between you and the greater circle of women.

This is an Embracing the Red Queen workshop, sponsored by the Embracing the Red Queen: Women, Competition, Cooperation, and Co-Creation retreat.

Two Seats, $10 off!

Face-to-Face Sexy Witch Series, 2014 – Willits, CA – REGISTRATION OPEN NOW!

July 4, 2013 in Latest News!

The Sexy Witch Workshop Series


“For any woman who wants to understand, enhance, reclaim or heal her sexuality, this book is a must.”
-Anodea Judith, Ph.D., author of Wheels of Life and Eastern Body, Western Mind.

The book Sexy Witch is part self-help guidebook, part self-esteem workbook, and part mystery initiation into the hidden secrets of Self Empowerment. Addressing self-referential sexual and spiritual power, Sexy Witch promises to bring you home to your deepest truth.

This nine-week course is based on the book Sexy Witch, and lead by local author, Lasara Firefox Allen.

“LaSara Firefox is a genius! You couldn’t ask for a better guide to take you on this emboldening and engaging adventure. Whether or not you consider yourself a witch, Sexy Witch is a fabulous book full of serious fun.”
-Ariel Gore, author of Bluebird: Women and the New Psychology of Happiness.

The course will culminate in a group initiation based on the final initiation in Sexy Witch on March 18, 2014, near spring equinox. Gatherings will be Tuesdays, 6:30 – 8:30 PM, January 28 to March 18, and will take place at Lasara’s home in Willits. The rate for the entire 8-week course is $295. EARLY BIRD SPECIAL $275! Seating is limited! Register ASAP.

“I did the Sexy Witch teleclass series with Lasára a few years ago and the impact it had on my life, my view of myself and my whole world was and is still profound. Going through it with a group gave it power I don’t think would have come from working the book individually. I am blessed and so grateful that I had the opportunity to do the Sexy Witch group.
-Sage Fae Wolf, social worker, CA


Time commitment:

    This is a nine-week series.
    There’s a once a week gathering on Tuesdays, 6:30 – 8:30 PM. During the gatherings we discuss our process, progress, challenges, and realizations.
    In between gatherings everyone does the work from the chapters of Sexy Witch. None of the exercises are compulsory, or required. You do the amount of work on each chapter that works for you.


    There’s an online group (either googlegroups, or on FB if everyone is an fb person), where you can plug into the group energy between gatherings if you desire that.
    You can have a Sexy Witch Sister with whom to share and receive support with as the course goes along. If you don’t join with someone you’re already close with, I will match you up with another participant.
    Also, some of the meditations in the book are available as recordings to those who take the course.

Scroll to the bottom of the page for more endorsements from former participants.

Deposit, or early bird rate available. Regsiter now!

Not familiar with Sexy Witch? Sexy Witchis Lasara’s best-selling book on women’s self-referential sexuality and empowerment. It was published by Llewellyn Worldwide in 2005. Sexy Witch is available in four languages, has been reviewed all over the globe, and has hit bestseller lists in two countries.

“This witty and smart, well-researched gem of a book has the power to transform the feminist movement at the radical roots – women’s bodies and their sexuality. For any woman who wants to understand, enhance, reclaim or heal her sexuality, this book is a must. It will serve to liberate your sisters as well as the men and women who love them.”
-Anodea Judith, Ph.D., author of Wheels of Life and Eastern Body, Western Mind.

“I worked through Sexy Witch with Lasara and a small group of women in 2008, and am so happy I did! The work I did, and we did together, still reverberates in my life years later. My relationship with my body and my partner is richer and clearer, and I feel much more certain about my communication with my kids about what love and beauty is in the world. Lasara’s book is more than an educational read, it’s an experience offered to know yourself on very deep levels. To work through this material with Lasara herself is an experience not to be missed.”
-Durga Fuller –, nutrition expert, coach, and mom, OR

“Lasára’s insightful work with Sexy Witch will stimulate you to question the reality within which you have chosen to live. In accepting her invitation to the path of transformation you can discover a rich reality which exists within.”
-Liesl, O.T.O Priestess, CA

“I was in the last class and it’s so much more than the book… And the group got together weekly on the bridge line and brought very thought provoking discussions to the table.”
-Apolla, Financial Systems Consultant, VA

For more details, get in touch with me via facebook, or drop a note at

Notice; this may be the last time I offer the Sexy Witch series.

Interested in upcoming course offerings? Subscribe to Lasara’s Lists!