embracing_the_red_queen_babalon_graphEmbracing the Red Queen: Women, Competition, Cooperation, and Co-Creation

September 20 – 22, Autumnal Equinox, 2013

Join your sisters for this powerful autumn equinox weekend retreat, and bring your whole self to the circle. Bring yourself in all your sexy, sweet, angry, tired, envious, joyful, powerful glory. Bring your whole range of experience and voice. In this sacred container nothing is true or untrue, and everything is open to interpretation, reinterpretation, and re-envisioning.

Embracing the Red Queen offers the opportunity to explore our power as women, and the ways we wield it. We will hold a space where it is safe to confront envy and shame, as well as the fragile feeling of becoming vulnerable.

In confronting the part that power plays in our relationships as women, we will help to liberate ourselves and each other from the chains of jealousy, envy, and disempowerment. We will empower ourselves and each other to greater strength by witnessing the evolution from competition to co-creation.

Our retreat will include:
yoga sessions, time for meditation, relaxation, and massage. And time for open socializing, playing in the pool, and getting to know one another. As well as multiple opportunities to dive deep into our shared experience of womanhood.


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