Why Coaching?

October 17, 2014 in Coaching with Lasara, Latest News!

Why Coaching?

poly and kink friendly professional with heartsOver on facebook, I’ve recently had a few folks ask me what coaching is, and one even questioning its validity as a healing modality. I have taken the time to answer each of them individually, AND, I know that if some are asking, others a wondering. So here’s some info that may help you to decide if coaching is for you.

Life coaching may be a weak term, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming may be a confusing name for a complex modality, but I hope to shed some light on coaching in general, and on my personal strengths in particular. (You can find some testimonials here.)

Yes, this is long. And yes, you should read it if you are curious about coaching.

To start with, traditional therapists are great – especially for things like mental health crisis, support during dramatic life changes (loss of a relationship, death of a loved one), and mental health treatment SafeSpace_Final32[1]plan adherence.

And, if you are like me, you have worked with therapists and had that really help, and at other times had it really NOT help.

Regardless of whether I’m working with a therapist at the time or not, I *always* have at least one coach I’m working with. Coaching keeps my head in the game in a way that therapy is not designed to do. Also, my coaches know I’m a freak, and my lifestyle never strikes them as cause for alarm.

(I can’t even tell you how many judgy therapists have “fired me” as a client over the years because I’m “poly” or whatever title you want to give it, and they thought that was part of what was *wrong* with me.)

Would you rather go to a massage therapist, or a chiropractor? Would you rather go to a naturopath or an allopathic doctor?I choose BOTH. I go to each as needed. In addition to that, I have an osteopathic doctor who I love and who helps me beyond measure.

My point is, why choose only ONE mode of healing, when there are so many amazing options out there?

Here are some reasons you would want to hire a coach instead of a therapist:

1. Instead of talking it out (you know you can talk it out for hours and end up right where you started), we focus on creating easeful, sustainable, profound forward momentum.

2. Your coach is not there to judge your choices, but to point them out to you and assist you in evaluating how those choices are serving you.

3. If your coach is an NLP-based coach, your coach knows that YOU have the answers, and that is up to your coach only to elicit and help you build upon those answers.

4. If your coach is versatile enough in their training, your coach will be able to match you, and coach you in the way that works for you. You want a softer, more intuitive approach, a well trained coach can give you that. If you want a task master approach, a versatile coach will be able to step into that too.

Why you would want to hire ME as your coach:

1. I have an excellent track record as a coach. I’ve been working with clients who have been able to totally revolutionize relationships, work realities, sexual healing, and self worth issues, body acceptance. (See my testimonials here.)

2. I have tons of training, and I use it all the time. I spent in the mid five figures out of my pocket and over three years in training with the brightest in the field to become adept at NLP. My training included mastering a set of skills that allows me to help people to get through trauma, blocks, and limiting beliefs in order to heal, strategize, and move forward.

In addition to extensive training in NLP, I have a majorly diverse set of other modalities I use in my coaching sessions, from cognitive behavioral techniques to Witchy magic. It all comes down to the question of WHAT WORKS FOR YOU?

While I don’t have a masters degree from an accredited university, I did put in enough time that I could have had one. I just did my training outside of the standard schooling arena. One way to look at it is as a highly honed independent education option.

3. I am alternative lifestyle friendly. Kinky? Awesome. Poly? Me too, Queer? Yep.

4. I am an expert in the field of sexual and relational education. I have professional training, and years of experience teaching and coaching on sexual and relational topics.

5. I only take clients I feel like I can truly help. I take on clients who want to do the work, are ready to dive in and move through it, and are dedicated to the process of their own healing. I only take on clients who feel like a really solid “YES!” to me. And I expect my clients only to sign on with me if the feel a solid yes, too.

Please note:

Not all life coaches have done the amount of training that I have. Some have, some haven’t. And just like with any profession though, espcially in the healing arts, there are some good and some bad practitioners. And, some practitioners that are a good fit for you, and some not.

Some things people can do to see whether a coach is ligit or not is to ask what their training is, get references, get a feel for what they have to offer.

But, just because coaches don’t have the usual letters after our names (my designation is MPTNLP – master practitioner trainer NLP, though I go with MPNLP – master prac nlp – if I use anything at all – mostly I don’t) isn’t any reason to disregard a whole professional category.

Ready to book a 15-minute, complimentary, no strings attached interview session?

It’s the best way to see if we’re compatible.

Fill out the form below, and Iwill get back to you within 48 hours.

Schedule Changes! And Welcoming the Autumn!

September 24, 2014 in Coaching with Lasara, Latest News!, tarot, Upcoming Events

IMG_0003Hi love!

Upon request, I have postponed my 21 Days to BODYLOVE course until January.

That leaves October WIDE OPEN for Tarot readings, tarot parties, tarot one-on-one coaching, and more. Planning a harvest, Samhain or Hallowe’en celebration? Book me asap. Personal reading? We can do those in person, by phone, or by skype, facebook video chat, google chat, or other VOIP option.

Local ladies will want to attend my September New Moon Womanifestation TONIGHT, September 24th, at 7:00 PM, at my home in Willits.This new moon, in 1 degree Libra, follows on the heals of equinox – also in Libra. We have perhaps some lovely balance with an almost cool dispassion coming in. Yet, Libra is ruled by Venus, who brings her abundant, gracious, sensual and sweet energy. We also have the asteroid Lilith in the mix, who is channeling in an edge of firy liberation and “the personal is political” energy. This will be an awesome new moon to work with to create personal outcomes regarding balance, lov1900561_10152350472588727_3455815045619679837_oe, and passionate change. Yay! Looking forward.

The  October New Moon WOMANifestation gathering will be on October 23rd. (Please register for directions.)

I’m still looking for two dedicated, brave, ready-to-create-change, ongoing coaching clients. My ideal client is READY TO MAKE POSITIVE CHANGE in their lives NOW! If this is YOU, please take advantage of my free, 20-minute, no-strings-attached mini session, here, so we can see if we’re a fit for a coaching commitment.

My next upcoming web-based group program, Happy Healthy Magickal Winter Holidays, will begin Dec. 1. You can register now, and make your payment plan easy.

Happy time of shifting. All love, and blessings of light and darkness,


Seeking TWO New (or return) Coaching Clients!

August 28, 2014 in Coaching with Lasara, Latest News!

2014-07-13 13.47Two of my awesome coaching clients are taking a break from coaching! I’m sad to see them go, AND, proud of the amazing work they’ve done. (And I’m watching to see even more amazing stuff unfolding for each of you. <3 )

What this means is that I have two openings for new clients! If you’ve been waiting for the right time to begin working with me, it’s NOW.

Changing the focus of my career was super scary, and something I had to just jump into. I jumped into the wild blue of changing, and was delighted to be caught by Lasara’s net. I have made such wild progress–beyond what I imagined. Quick new ways of thinking about things–like; this isn’t hard, I can just DO this!
– Ariel Gore, www.arielgore.com, author of the bestseller, Bluebird: Women and the New Psychology of Happiness

Contact me for a free, no strings attached 15 minute consultation where we will see how we align. By the end of that 15 minutes we will know that the work you need to do now and the support I have for you is aligned.

In working with me, you will have access to a variety of tools for change, from Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques, to trance work, to tarot (if you like a more intuitive style). NLP is an excellent resource set that allows you forward momentum without retraumatizing or dwelling on old stories. Trance work, intuitive practices, and deep embodiment and empathy practices allow you to find your path into empowerment, using the tools you have already developed, while I also assist you in resourcing new techniques for personal transformation.

I’m a seasoned coach with a great track record and excellent references. My coaching services are phone-based, so location and distance are not an issue. Coaching clients are hand-picked, and I only work with five one-on-one, on-going coaching contracts at any one time. This allows me to give you my complete attention.