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January 13, 2015 in Coaching with Lasara, Latest News!

1362344008_HANDSTOUCHINGS-33Coaching and Mentoring spaces open!

Why Coaching?

“When I entered into the coaching relationship with Lasara I could not have asked for or anticipated the profound changes that occurred in my life as a result of that decision. She helped me ask and answer questions I didn’t even know I had, and face what have been lifelong boogeymen in the pursuit of betterment. She is professional, passionate, empathetic and insightful. Thank you, Lasara, for helping me on my path!”
-J, entrepreneur and mom, CO

More testimonials here!

New Year Bonus: The Fivefold Goddess – An Initiation Cycle into a New Divine Feminine  registration (value $299 – $399), or $199 off your coaching or mentoring program.

I am have openings for three new clients. Will YOU be one of them? Contact me for a free, no strings attached, 15 minute consultation.

An Answer to the Perennial Holiday Question; Yes, Santa IS Real!

December 19, 2014 in Articles

santa-clausReprinted, first published in 2007

When it comes to the delicate matter of belief, there are creative ways to answer our children’s questions without taking the magic out of life.

When my oldest child was about five, she asked whether Santa Claus was real. Her dad and I told her that Santa is real — to those who believe.

Is love real? Is hope real? Is magic real? Is faith real? We can’t touch or see any of these things, but most of us believe in at least a few of them. In some cases, we can feel them. In others, we may see proof of them appearing in the physical world.

I believe in Christmas miracles. I believe that Mystics speak with God. I believe that Tibetan lamas reincarnate with full recall of their previous lives. I believe in our ability to do good in the world, with each conscious choice we make. I believe in faeries, and faerie tales, pookas, ghosts, saints, and goblins. I believe in a power omnipresent and indivisible.

And, I still believe in Santa Claus. I always will. Just like I believe in God, with Its ineffability, and the many faces It wears.

Jitterbug Perfume by Tim Robbins has one of the best descriptions I’ve seen of the human relationship with deity. The premise is this: the gods depend upon our belief in them to survive. Our belief in the gods makes them real.

The power of belief is an important gift we must instruct and safeguard in our children. Belief is what we build our lives upon. Without belief, we may be cast adrift on an endless, meaningless sea. Belief offers a rudder when nothing else can help us find our way.

At 12, my oldest started the Christmas season by saying she no longer believed in Santa. And then complained when she didn’t feel the Christmas Spirit flooding her as we trimmed the tree.

I talked to her about faith.

The fact is, sometimes it’s hard to have faith that Santa will come. I’ll admit it; even I have been known to test The Spirit from time to time. My first Christmas post-divorce I made such a test.

That year it was hard to find my belief in the Spirit of Christmas. I had no one to give my Christmas list to. No one to tell what I hoped to find under the tree. I prayed to the universe to enforce my faith. I wanted proof that Santa was still real.

I wanted indoor/outdoor, “Ugg” knock-off slippers. I know, it’s kind of petty. Slippers? But it was what I wanted. Sometimes, especially in the midst of doubt, fear, and sadness, it’s the little things that matter. Cozy feet on a lonely morning. A small gift out of nowhere.

It was a deal between me and The Spirit, and since I had asked, The Spirit knew exactly what was required to validate my faith.

Come Christmas day, I was gifted a pair of slippers.

That Christmas, Santa showed up as my sister. She didn’t get the slippers for me, but for one of our nieces. When the slippers didn’t fit the quickly growing girl, my sister asked me to take them instead; she didn’t want to go to the trouble of carrying them home on the plane and exchanging them.

I whispered a thank you to Santa, and reminded myself that sometimes He works in mysterious ways; I didn’t know that my sister was bringing slippers for the nieces. She didn’t know I wanted them, either. But Santa did. And He delivered.

Throughout my life I’ve seen innumerable miracles of Christmas faith occur, large and small.

I was 14 when my father left the family. That year Christmas looked bleak. There were five mouths to feed, and no “extra”money to be found. We had a “Charlie Brown tree” cut from a stand of fir trees on our own land, and bedecked with ornaments from Christmases past. We were fortunate enough to have food in the cupboard. But my mother was devastated knowing there was no way she would be able to provide Christmas gifts for all of us.

As the oldest at home, I was privy to the goings-on of the adult world. But to this day, I don’t have any idea who brought Santa that year. All I know is that on Christmas Eve a jolly, bespectacled man with a beard of white and suit of red pulled into our very remote, country driveway in his sleigh — or rather, his worn, old, white pick-up truck — with bags filled with festively wrapped gifts. There was a name on each one.

Santa left the bags on our porch. With a jolly smile he offered a “Merry Christmas!”, and was on his way.

In 2007 my Christmas Miracle was the grandest The Spirit of Christmas has yet conspired to deliver for me; the man I’ve been waiting my whole life to find crossed mountain and river that stormy December to be by my side and spend the holidays with me and the children.

That Christmas I felt like both Doris and little Susan in Miracle on 34th Street; the home, the family, the life that I had been nearly afraid to desire became my greatest Christmas miracle. Now every holiday season is a celebration of that most profound of miracles; the emergence of deep love and partnership.

For me, the holidays will continue for the rest of our lives. My faith in the Miracle of Christmas is no longer shakable. No more tests required – I finally got my ultimate proof. The man of my dreams, now my husband, is here to stay.

Some would say it was just a fluke of timing. And there’s something to that; finding The One is a miracle whenever it happens. But to me, it was more than just a twist of circumstance that this relationship arrived wrapped in a Christmas ribbon. For me, it’s further proof that when we open ourselves to the possibility that magic exists, magic proves itself to be real.

Movies are built on the theme of The Christmas Miracle. In this case, art imitates life. Christmas stories with their grand, sweeping, soaring themes serve as a reminder of what’s possible when we allow ourselves to invest in love and faith. And as believing becomes more effortless, the miracles grow larger. Through our agency, miracles are made manifest.

Off the screen, food banks fill for at least one day with more than enough to feed the local hungry. People open their homes to strangers so they will have somewhere to be on Christmas morning. Communities pull together and provide gifts for children who would otherwise be without.

To quote the words of song writer Red West, popularized by Elvis, “if every day could be just like Christmas, what a wonderful world this would be.”

As a Mystic mama, I don’t feel like a hypocrite or a liar, or as though I’m misleading my children by allowing them to believe in a power that makes their child-lives a little more happy, a little more bountiful, a little more hopeful, a little more magical.

And as they grow older, The Spirit need not disappear. Instead of losing heart at the news that Santa is a myth, faith can continue to flourish. Given the chance to become part of the spirit of Saint Nick, children become an active part of that energy of selfless giving. They become the ones who enact the miracles of the season. They grow to be the hearts and bodies that offer those miracles up.

It’s been proven to me again and again through personal experience that the Holiday Spirit does exist. I have been both the one who receives and the one who delivers on the promise of hope that the season offers.

The Spirit is palpable. It acts in the world. Call it the power of faith, or Jesus, or Santa Claus, or generosity — it’s a reminder of a bond of love for our fellow human beings.

Regardless of the name we give it, it sustains. If we allow it to, if we believe it will, it acts through and for each of us, bringing miracles to bear.

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December 1, 2014 in Latest News!

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Finding Gratitude – with love, from my heart to yours. (Games, too!)

November 27, 2014 in Articles, Latest News!

IMG_6217Today is not the easiest of days to find gratitude. Yet I know I can. And I know that remembering what I’m grateful for doesn’t make me a traitor. It brings balance. Some light in the darkness. A measure of water to replenish the well.

When I remember what I’m grateful for, I can more easily see the things that need changing in the world. I can remember to pray with gratitude, to fight in the name of gratitude, and to love and get on with the business of living, with gratitude. In the name of gratitude.

In moments of great heartbreak, I find myself grateful that I have family to come home to. In the moments where my body hurts so badly I don’t know how to go on, I keep breathing, and find gratitude for this body that just does keep going on.

In the dark moments, I am grateful for the faith that sustains me, the value I hold in the Work I am blessed to do in the world. I am grateful for the children I have been blessed to bring into this life, the amazing grace that is the lives they are creating for themselves. I am grateful for my parents, all their love, their dedication, and the values and learning I have had handed to me – even when it’s been a crazy ride, I’m still grateful.

I am grateful for my husband, for the love and life we share. I’m grateful for love. For the adventure of it. For the joy of it, and even the pain of it. I am grateful for the continued exploration of it.

I am grateful. Even in the hardest moments, there is much to be grateful for.

As the war continues in Ferguson, Palestine, Afghanistan, and all the places war is raging right this minute, I find gratitude for the people on the front lines. I’m grateful for the teachers who are teaching, the fighters who are fighting, and mamas and daddies who are holding their babies as the fires rage. I am grateful for those who are teaching me how to be a better activist, and a better person.

As I think of all the things I am grateful, I cannot deny my privilege. I am grateful for so many things that I know are offered to me because of often unseen, often unacknowledged privilege. And in this lies a deep pain, and shame. Yet if I cannot recognize my privilege, it remains invisible. Made visible it becomes a tool. A tool I am grateful to do my best to learn, and learn again, how to use for good.

So in gratitude, I raise my voice against hatred. I gift what and when I can to people who need a thing I have to offer, and am grateful in the giving.

As the fight for recognition of human rights continues, I am grateful for each person who raises their voice, or in anyway offers themselves to the struggle. I am grateful for the opportunities to show up where I can, signal boost when and how I can.

I’m grateful for the community of world-changers I am blessed to know and work with. Learn with. Teach with. Love and live with.

I am grateful.

And we go on. In gratitude. Fired by a passion for liberation.

What are YOU grateful for?

From my heart to yours; some games of Thanksgiving.

First, a card game, from me to you;
Get GRATIGORIES! Get grateful.

A Gratitude Round Robin – Gratitude Games * A Grateful A to Z – A Gratitude Game for Kids of All Ages

A Gratitude Game – Gratitude Round-Robin
Posted on November 21, 2010

Definition of Terms

a. Round is a go-around where everyone in a group gives their answer.

b. Round-Leader is the facilitator of the round. This position transitions at the conclusion of each round. The role of round leader can go to the person who wants it next, or you can pass the role in the round, either to the left or right. If a player does not want to be a round leader, they can pass.

Basic Guidelines:

a. Never force, “cajole” , or pressure any player into responding to any prompt. “Pass” is always an acceptable response.

b. The main rule is: Answer from gratitude. BE GRATEFUL!

c. Always give the person who is offering their gratitude the floor. Do not interrupt them, question them, or quiet them. If you’re playing this as a family, it’s especially important that you allow one another the full range of voice.


Sitting in a circle, or around a table, one person starts with a statement of gratitude, then everyone else in the group follows one-by-one. The group can set guidelines as desired.

Some possibilities:

  • Stay within a theme for each round.
  • No repeats per round. (For example, if someone says they’re grateful for family, someone else may say they’re grateful for a person IN their family, but not repeat the more general idea.)
  • Staying with one idea for every round (like, the round-leader says they’re grateful for apples, then everyone in the round says why they’re grateful for apples).

A Grateful A – Z — A Gratitude Game for Kids of All Ages
Posted on November 17, 2010

When I was a kid, we played alphabet games in the car to pass the time on long drives or road trips. I’ve recreated one of those games, with a gratitude theme. A Grateful A to Z includes players of all ages – from talking age up.

A Grateful A to Z is an adaptable game. Variations are listed below. For young players, A Grateful A to Z serves two purposes; it teaches both language skills and gratitude! And, with older players, there are ways to make A Grateful A to Z more complicated.

You can choose a category, or allow A Grateful A to Z to be free-form. Free-form is recommended for younger players, and is easier than working with a category. Themes or categories are recommended for more advanced players.

1. Definition of terms:

a. “Round” is a go-around where everyone in a group gives their answer to the category, or passes.

b. “Round-Leader” is the facilitator of the round. This position transitions at the conclusion of each round. The role of round leader can go to the person who wants it next, or you can pass the role in the round, either to the left or right. If a player does not want to be a round leader, they can pass.

2. Basic Guidelines:

a. The main rule is: Answer from gratitude. Be GRATEFUL!

b. Never force, cajole, or pressure any player into responding to any prompt. “Pass” is always an acceptable response.

c. Always give the person who is offering their gratitude the floor. Do not interrupt, question, or quiet them. If you’re playing this as a family, it’s especially important that you allow one another the full range of voice.

Remember, you can print out these directions, or you can upload them to your palm-top and not print at all. Please keep your “footprint” in mind when considering your options.

Variations and Detailed Guidelines:

A Grateful A – Z, Freeform:
The round leader starts a round with the phrase “I’m grateful for…”, and chooses anything starting with an A. The round leader can pass the prompt either to the right or left. The round ends when the alphabet ends. You can make it more complicated by offering a “no repeats” guideline.

A Grateful A – Z, with Themes:
Round leader comes up with a theme – people you’re grateful for, things you’re grateful for, inventions you’re grateful for.

Enjoy your family this holiday season!

Schedule Changes! And Welcoming the Autumn!

September 24, 2014 in Coaching with Lasara, Latest News!, tarot, Upcoming Events

IMG_0003Hi love!

Upon request, I have postponed my 21 Days to BODYLOVE course until January.

That leaves October WIDE OPEN for Tarot readings, tarot parties, tarot one-on-one coaching, and more. Planning a harvest, Samhain or Hallowe’en celebration? Book me asap. Personal reading? We can do those in person, by phone, or by skype, facebook video chat, google chat, or other VOIP option.

Local ladies will want to attend my September New Moon Womanifestation TONIGHT, September 24th, at 7:00 PM, at my home in Willits.This new moon, in 1 degree Libra, follows on the heals of equinox – also in Libra. We have perhaps some lovely balance with an almost cool dispassion coming in. Yet, Libra is ruled by Venus, who brings her abundant, gracious, sensual and sweet energy. We also have the asteroid Lilith in the mix, who is channeling in an edge of firy liberation and “the personal is political” energy. This will be an awesome new moon to work with to create personal outcomes regarding balance, lov1900561_10152350472588727_3455815045619679837_oe, and passionate change. Yay! Looking forward.

The  October New Moon WOMANifestation gathering will be on October 23rd. (Please register for directions.)

I’m still looking for two dedicated, brave, ready-to-create-change, ongoing coaching clients. My ideal client is READY TO MAKE POSITIVE CHANGE in their lives NOW! If this is YOU, please take advantage of my free, 20-minute, no-strings-attached mini session, here, so we can see if we’re a fit for a coaching commitment.

My next upcoming web-based group program, Happy Healthy Magickal Winter Holidays, will begin Dec. 1. You can register now, and make your payment plan easy.

Happy time of shifting. All love, and blessings of light and darkness,


New Moon WOMANifestation Circle – October!

August 27, 2014 in Coaching with Lasara, Latest News!, Upcoming Events

venus37moon_youngCome together with a circle of your sisters this new moon, and play with some WOMANifestation techniques. :)

Date: October 23. Gathering at 7:00, circle begins at 7:30 PROMPT. Please be on time for the circle. Brief hang out and socialize sesh after circle.

We will set magickal manifestation intentions for the coming month in a sacred, activated, magickal container. Your goals may be financial, community building, personal care, project completion – or all of the above!

Finger food welcome, as well as drinks for after our circle if desired.

$15 donation requested – no one turned away for lack of funds. And larger donations will always be accepted. :)
See pricing below for additional items; Money Magick Spell Kit, Manifestation Booklet

If you are purchasing a Money Magick spell kit and article collection, please paypal payment to so I can have your items ready for you.

Cirlce Reg and Manifestation Items

Personal message or email me for directions to you if you have not yet been to my home.

The Sexy Witch Virtual Cohort Series, 2014 – Teleclass and Online Classroom!

November 30, 2013 in Latest News!

Sexy WitchThe Sexy Witch Workshop Series


(LOCAL to the WILLITS AREA? Interested in a face-to-face series?


Enter in to a journey with a circle of sisters, wherever you are. Utilizing the amazing technological world of electronic connection, we will create a shared experience of sitting in circle. Together, we will work the path of Sexy Witch.

“For any woman who wants to understand, enhance, reclaim or heal her sexuality, this book is a must.”
-Anodea Judith, Ph.D., author of Wheels of Life and Eastern Body, Western Mind.

The book Sexy Witch is part self-help guidebook, part self-esteem workbook, and part mystery initiation into the hidden secrets of Self Empowerment. Addressing self-referential sexual and spiritual power, Sexy Witch promises to bring you home to your deepest truth.

This eight-week course is based on the book Sexy Witch, and lead by author Lasara Firefox Allen.

“LaSara Firefox is a genius! You couldn’t ask for a better guide to take you on this emboldening and engaging adventure. Whether or not you consider yourself a witch, Sexy Witch is a fabulous book full of serious fun.”
-Ariel Gore, author of Bluebird: Women and the New Psychology of Happiness.

In this course, you will:

•    Claim your body as your own territory.
•    Claim your sexuality through self-agency.
•    Look at and overcome condition that fosters disempowerment.
•    Complete exercises, magickal acts, and rituals that liberate and empower you.
•    Tear down old forms that aren’t serving you, and build new ones that do.
•    Examine our collective historical past as women, and heal through it.
•    Find empowerment through redefinition of self.

“I did the Sexy Witch teleclass series with Lasára a few years ago and the impact it had on my life, my view of myself and my whole world was and is still profound. Going through it with a group gave it power I don’t think would have come from working the book individually. I am blessed and so grateful that I had the opportunity to do the Sexy Witch group.
-Sage Fae Wolf, social worker, CA

Included in this interactive format:
•    Once-weekly teleclasses, PLUS interactive videocasting on spreecast, where you will have facetime with Lasara and your other circle-sisters. During weekly virtual gatherings, we discuss our process, progress, challenges, and realizations.
•    In between gatherings everyone does the work from the chapters of Sexy Witch. None of the exercises are compulsory, or required. You do the amount of work on each chapter that works for you. (Order your copy of Sexy Witch from me, and get it signed!:) )
•   An online fb-based classroom/living room so you can stay in touch with your circle sisters between weekly in-person circles.
•    You can have a Sexy Witch Sister with whom to share and receive support with as the course goes along. (If you don’t join with someone you’re already close with, I will match you up with another participant.)
•    Meditations in the book are available as recordings to those who take the course.

The course will culminate in a group initiation based on the final initiation in Sexy Witch, near the date of spring equinox, 2014. Teleclass gatherings will be Mondays, 6:30 – 7:30 PM Pacific, followed by interactive webcasting  via spreecast for weekly facetime with Lasara and your circle sisters. Session starts January 27 and  completes March 24 (no class on Feb 17, due to PantheaCon!).

The rate for the entire 8-week course is $295. EARLY BIRD SPECIAL $275! Seating is limited! Register ASAP.

Time commitment:

        There’s a once a week teleclass and intereactive videocast gathering on Mondays, from 6:30 until about 8:30 PM, Pacific time. The course runs for eight weeks.



Deposit, or early bird rate available. Register now!

Not familiar with Sexy Witch? Sexy Witchis Lasara’s best-selling book on women’s self-referential sexuality and empowerment. It was published by Llewellyn Worldwide in 2005. Sexy Witch is available in four languages, has been reviewed all over the globe, and has hit bestseller lists in two countries.

“This witty and smart, well-researched gem of a book has the power to transform the feminist movement at the radical roots – women’s bodies and their sexuality. For any woman who wants to understand, enhance, reclaim or heal her sexuality, this book is a must. It will serve to liberate your sisters as well as the men and women who love them.”
-Anodea Judith, Ph.D., author of Wheels of Life and Eastern Body, Western Mind.


“I worked through Sexy Witch with Lasara and a small group of women in 2008, and am so happy I did! The work I did, and we did together, still reverberates in my life years later. My relationship with my body and my partner is richer and clearer, and I feel much more certain about my communication with my kids about what love and beauty is in the world. Lasara’s book is more than an educational read, it’s an experience offered to know yourself on very deep levels. To work through this material with Lasara herself is an experience not to be missed.”
-Durga Fuller –, nutrition expert, coach, and mom, OR

“Lasára’s insightful work with Sexy Witch will stimulate you to question the reality within which you have chosen to live. In accepting her invitation to the path of transformation you can discover a rich reality which exists within.”
-Liesl, O.T.O Priestess, CA

“I was in the last class and it’s so much more than the book… And the group got together weekly on the bridge line and brought very thought provoking discussions to the table.”
-Apolla, Financial Systems Consultant, VA


For more details, get in touch with me via facebook, or drop a note at

Notice; this may be the last time I offer the Sexy Witch series as a virtual experience.

Interested in upcoming course offerings? Subscribe to Lasara’s Lists!

The Gift of Aging: what I know at 40 years.

September 27, 2013 in Articles

196458_10150144377699286_562844285_6277606_587167_n(Originally posted on May 24, 2011. Reposted in honor of a friend’s 40th!)

Every year on and around my birthday, I take inventory. Whether I want to or not, this happens. So I’ve learned to roll with it. And this year, here’s what inventory has yielded:

Limit and defeat are not synonyms.
As a writer, maybe you’d think I would have figured that one out before now. :-) But, as a person this actually comes as a bracing yet pleasant surprise.

Seriously, it’s huge to know that recognizing my limitations is a sign of strength, wisdom, and courage – not weakness. This clarification serves me deeply, and will serve me well for the rest of my life I’m certain.

“Everything is OK” is a radical awareness.
Fact is, “everything is OK” wasn’t usually true for me in my life, and OK certainly didn’t seem like something to strive for. (Strive for OKness? If you’re going to strive, isn’t there something bigger, better, faster, more to strive for than OK?)

But, now that I’ve arrived at really, solidly OK, I can’t actually think of anywhere more perfect.

I don’t mean that in a defeatist way – defeat again, jeeze! WTF is my trip, right? I guess I was raised to be “strong” – No, what I really mean that being OK is absolutely sublime. Quietly, sweetly, beautifully, gently sublime.

More is not always better.
Back to the limit setting. Turning it down to a three or four, or even a one sometimes, instead of running at 11 on a dial that was made for 10 is a beautiful gift to self. Running in over-drive is a sure-fire way to burn out.

Again slow-dawning, but I know this deep in my bones now.

Learning to modulate my experience properly has been a God-send. More about this in Gratitude.

Drama is optional.
It used to seem that drama was purely a fact of life. Now that I have reduced (and in some cases fully eradicated) dramatics from my life, I see that a drama-less (or less-drama) life is totally achievable.

As drama has died down in my personal space, I find that I choose my friends differently. I choose friends who also have a low- or no-drama lifestyle.

I choose to surround myself with friends who are happily coupled or happily single. I choose to invest in friendships with people who value their health and well-being. I choose friends I can relax with and laugh with, talk about a beautiful future with, discuss politics and world events with – and not always have the same views, but always the same willingness to listen to and learn from each other.

Drama is a huge time-sink and downer. While it was a great distraction technique, I’m ever so grateful to have a life where I no longer need distraction.

I am so grateful for my life. How it is now more than anything. It’s not how I would have imagined it. It’s more gentle, more quiet, more introverted, more careful. This care has made space for something new. This is far better than I could have foreseen.

I’m grateful for the gift of perspective. I’m grateful for love. I’m grateful for the awareness of choice.

I’m grateful for the abundant reasons that I became fully aware of and present in to accept things in a new way. Love, marriage, my beautiful daughters. I’m grateful that my desire to finally really show up to this fully only took until I was 37, not longer.

I’m grateful to the crash that ended all crashes – at least of that magnitude.

I’m grateful for the right meds, and the reasons – those listed above – to stay on them. I’m grateful for my health, and the absolute awareness that it’s really in my hands. And for all the tools that I have to approach this responsibility in a gentle, profound, and comprehensive way. I’m grateful for the support I have. My therapist and my psych doc. My family.

I’m grateful for the amazing truth that I have found a life (and lifetime) partner who totally understands me. I’m grateful for love and trust. I’m grateful for my husband, who’s been my beautiful and amazing teacher and ally in this; the reason for my growing into all of myself. The dark corners and the light ones. To fully inhabit all of it, without fear. Totally grateful.

I’m grateful for knowing what I needed. Knowing what I desired. And finding that they were absolutely the same in the end – not at odds as I had experienced desire and need at times.

I’m glad to know what crazy is, from the outside. Not that I’m not still crazy. Crazy is in me por vida. But now I really know how hard it rode me. And I know that being ridden by it was a choice I made out of attachment to the glory of a sense of wider range.

And I’m grateful that I released that attachment in exchange for stability.

I’m grateful. Grateful for remorse as well as joy at remembrance of my past. I’m grateful that I truly feel there is no impetus that will drive me to endanger those I love or myself. I’m grateful that the risk of doing anything I feel grievously ashamed by or of in this more stable future feels so unlikely that it’s impossible to imagine what that thing would even be. And yes, this is partially because I have a husband who fully understands and accepts me, and daughters who understand what my kind of crazy means. (Thanks to my husband and kids for their wisdom and understanding.)

I’m grateful for the truth of ease. I said I wanted ease, and I got it. This “order” took a while to get here, but every wish is a prayer. And the more I prayed, the truer it became.

I’m grateful for my faith and my spiritual reality. For practices that bring me deeper and deeper into the sacred heart.

I’m so grateful for who and where I am now, and for who and what I have in my life. My husband and daughters. My larger family and community, local and global. I’m grateful for a happy home that is nest-like and sweet. For my path of service and offering, and my path of vocational expression. I’m grateful for the yield of these things on all levels.

And I’m grateful to all of you, who so graciously mirror back what my offerings bring to the world. You’re my ballast in this, as well as my compass. Thank you.

I’m safe. And loved. And free. And whole. And aware of my ability to live in this with peace of mind and heart.

For all this and more, I’m very, very grateful.

The accrued wisdom of 40 years on planet earth.
Inventory at this threshold – the end of a decade, and the beginning of a new one – has been painless. It’s been quietly blissful. I can imagine life getting easier and more beautiful. I can imagine growing old with my love, and watching our children continue to grow in their grace, beauty, and strength.

At the advent of this new decade, I see a beautiful and easy road ahead.

August New Moon WOMANifstation Magick – WILLITS – Aug. 6

July 4, 2013 in Latest News!

ImageJ=1.43uAugust 6, 6 PM, Brooktrails, Willits. Address and directions upon registration.

Come together with a circle of your sisters this new moon, and play with some WOMANifestation techniques. :) We will set magickal manifestation intentions for the coming month in a sacred, activated, magickal container.

Gathering at 6. Circle begins at 6:30. Please be prompt for circle. Brief hang out and socialize sesh after circle.

Finger food welcome, as well as drinks for after circle if desired.

Add $5 for your own Money Magick kit. Paypal payment to so I can have your Money Magick kit ready, and get directions to you if you have not yet been to my home.



Sacred Sexuality and Sex Magick, East and West, with Robert Allen and Lasara Firefox Allen – SEATTLE

April 22, 2013 in Latest News!

Sex Magick Sacred Sex

Image credit: A. Andrew Gonzalez

Sacred Sexuality and Sex Magick, East and West
with Robert Allen and Lasara Firefox Allen
Friday, June 21, 7 – 9 PM – Seattle
Private home, address shared on registration.

Drawing upon traditions and practices ancient and contemporary, Robert and Lasara will offer a cross-cultural look at the theory and practices of sacred sexuality and sex magick.

From Indian Tantra and other Eastern traditions to Western Ceremonial Magick systems, you will receive a well-rounded presentation including cultural overview and context, as well as an understanding of how sex magick and sacred sexuality practices can enrich your life, both inside and outside of the bedroom.

Addressing concepts from “free love” to spiritual liberation, this workshop will expand your consciousness by shifting and broadening your concepts of love, sex, and magick.

Two Seats, $10 off!

robert and lasara bio pic squareLasara Firefox Allen is an internationally published, best-selling author. She has offered workshops on topics from Mysticism, to relationships and intimacy, to sexuality, and has an active coaching practice. She regularly offers workshops at festivals and other events on the west coast, and workshops and retreats in the northern California region. Married to the love of her life, Robert Allen, and mother to two amazing daughters, Lasara and her family live in the wilds of northern California, and surround themselves with a community of loving, like-minded souls. See more at

Robert Allen is a writer and has facilitated workshops internationally in the realms of relationships, the men’s movement, Tantra, and Bhakti yoga. His articles have been distributed widely on the internet. Robert walks the Path of the Beloved with his wife, Lasara Firefox Allen, and is raising two conscious, aware, inspiring daughters in the idyllic rural lands of northern California. See more at