Telling the Truth About Our Relationships as Women – an Embracing the Red Queen workshop for women – WILLITS

July 4, 2013 in Latest News!

shameAugust 1, 6:30PM, Brooktrails, Willits. Exact address upon registration.

As a woman, what truth have you been afraid to share with the community of women? Is it a truth that you are afraid of sharing your full brilliance in the company of other women? Or that you feel confused by the ways we are expected to interact? Or that you love women deeply, yet are carrying wounds?

Is it your truth that you only feel safe in the company of women? Or that you feel a desire to explore more deeply into the possible depth of the love shared by women? Or that you feel desire and repulsion at the same time?

Are you afraid of women? Have you had your trust broken by your sisters-of-your-heart? Have you felt judged for your actions or presentation of self?

Or have you, intentionally or unintentionally, caused harm to another woman?

Where have you closed yourself down out of fear of being judged? Where have you shamed others into silence? Where have you disallowed yourself full expression? Where have you in turn made others feel small?

What is your truth in relationship with women?

This is deep working we are embarking upon. We are uncovering the truth of our foundational relationships to our own experience of the feminine. In vulnerability, I invite you to walk into this circle of sisters emotionally naked, allowing the speaking of words you have help back for years – perhaps even lifetimes – to open the portal to healing within yourself, and between you and the greater circle of women.

This is an Embracing the Red Queen workshop, sponsored by the Embracing the Red Queen: Women, Competition, Cooperation, and Co-Creation retreat.

Two Seats, $10 off!